Posted by: Flannery | April 27, 2011

The American Church in Paris

Hello my American-type chums! Here’s a mundane life update: Brad and I have picked a church! For the last two Sundays we’ve gone to the American Church in Paris, which is along the river in the 7th arrondissement. It has been a wonderful change of pace from only hearing French lectures in class. I don’t have to sit on the edge of my seat and make sure I catch every single syllable…I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy my native language. And hear about God! It’s a win-win. Also the church is GORGEOUS. So really it’s a win-win-win. Win. Win. Anyway. It’s a great place. Here are a couple pictures from Easter Sunday:

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I hope everyone at home had a wonderful Easter!




  1. Hi Flannery,

    Don’t get wierded out, but a friend checks postings regarding the church and she directed me to your blog. Thanks for the positive review!! Seriously, I’m glad to read you and Brad will be joining us for worship while you’re in town. If you ever want to pepper the pastor with questions, you both are most welcome and I’d be glad to sit down with you over a cup of coffee…

    Either way, Happy Easter!

    In Christ,


    • Reverend Scott,

      I’d be happy to talk! I have enjoyed the last two Sundays at your church so much. I’ll be sure to formally introduce myself this weekend!


  2. Gorgeous! I’m struggling with the small, elegant wedding vision. I’ll suppress it.

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