Posted by: Brad | February 17, 2011

London England EEEEEEEEEE

So I realize it has been a little more than a week since either of us has posted a new blog, and in blog years that must be close to 50. So here is a little update. This past weekend as you read, Flannery and I went to London to see Wicked!!! We had an amazing time!!! On Friday, we took the Eurostar from Gare du Nord in Paris to St Pancras in London. It was my first time to ever travel by train (with the exception of subways/metros). It was quite an enjoyable experience. Security was easy, and the train itself is extremely nice. They have tons of food that you can buy in their dining car, and it is really cool to just travel along at 200 miles an hour and feel perfectly fine walking all over the train. Once we arrived in London we had an exciting time trying to navigate their underground system. Apparently the line we were supposed to take (The Victoria Line) was having extreme delays so we decided to take the Circle line that goes around the city. We asked the attendant there if it was open because some of lines close on the weekends, and we heard our first British accent “The tube is only closed on the weekends.” We almost laughed in his face because it caught us so off guard. It was so strange coming from a country where they speak a different language. Both of us really had to adjust to hearing English again in public. I think that is part of the reason why we felt like London was more familiar than Paris. It just seems more American. Everything from the architecture to the language made us feel more at home for some reason. After arriving at the hotel from the underground and watching our FIRST ENGLISH SPEAKING TV SHOW IN A MONTH we promptly went out to explore the area we were in. We were pleased to find out that we were located right in the heart of the theater district close to Buckingham Palace. The Apollo Victoria Theater where Wicked was playing was almost right across the street. Of course once that was discovered we moved on from exploring the area to exploring our food options. We were pleased to find the ever-sophisticated Pizza Hut…. We promptly ordered a large stuffed crust cheese pizza and ate all of it between the two of us. We really felt like Americans then haha. The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast at the hotel, and we walked to Buckingham Palace. It was beautiful, but I must say the French have the Brits beat in terms of palaces in my opinion. Versailles was more jaw dropping. However, the guards really made Buckingham Palace unique. Their crazy hats and walk was fun to watch. Did you know that you can tell where the guards are from based on their uniform? Each guard has a plume and set of buttons that designates where they are from. From Buckingham Palace we walked to Trafalgar Square, and we went into the art museum. It was interesting. The pieces seemed more modern than the ones at The Musée d’Orsay in Paris. After the museum we decided to take a Big Red Bus Tour around London. IT TOOK US EVERYWHERE!! Parliament and Big Ben, The London Eye, The London Dungeons, Cathedrals, Harrods, etc. It felt like we had seen the whole city by the time the day was over!!!! A highlight of the tour was where we stopped for lunch. We both ordered fish and chips and mushy peas. Again we ate it all!!! It was the best fish and chips I had had in a long time. After we got off of the bus for the last time, we were at Harrods. Thus, we spent some time along the nicest shopping street in London. Every expensive store was conveniently lined up to peer into. Our favorite was definitely Harrods!!!! I’ve never seen so many things in one department store! After Harrods we walked from the shops back to our hotel that ended up being 1489324723879 miles away. My heels in particular were quite bruised. BUT THE DAY WASN’T OVER YET!!! We got dressed for dinner and Wicked!!! Both of which were fantastic! It was Flan’s first time and see Wicked, and it was my third. The girl who plays Elphaba, Rachel Tucker, was probably the best I’ve seen!!! Her voice was so pure, and she really had great tone and control. I was never worried about her voice giving out on some of the more demanding high parts like I was when I saw Wicked in Chicago. It was such an awesome show, and it was a great finish to the weekend!!!! The following day we just hopped on the train back to Paris after visiting platform 9¾ of course! It was a weekend I’ll never forget!!! Since then we’ve just been hanging out and going to class. Last night we went to the Black Swan! They have American movies with French subtitles so that’s really nice. The theater is a few blocks from my apartment and it is easy to walk to. We had such a good time seeing the similarities and difference of the movie theaters. Shout out to MOM because I thought of her the entire time I was there, since she is the reigning queen of all things movie. Sorry about the length of this post, but it required some detail haha. Next week I’m on my first winter break so I’ll be roaming around Paris doing all of the touristy things. We’re taking a wine and champagne class which should be fun!!! Thanks for reading!






  1. 1) I am very pleased that EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE is in the title. Brilliant.
    2) Isn’t it weird going back to a place that speaks English? It’s almost boring…
    3) I’m so glad you had a good time! My envy is intense as I listen to professor Vlad babble about spreadsheets.

  2. PS
    4) 18 days

  3. 1 – I may have read “london england” as “laaahhhhhhnnndaaaahhhhnndddd eeeeeeeengggglllaaahhhhhhhhhhnnnddddd”
    2 – I want mushy peas.
    3 – I want to go to hogwarts.
    4 – I want to be there for spring break.
    5 – Mushy peas?

  4. I’m really jealous that you went to platform 9 3/4. That will most def be my first stop next semester 🙂 haha

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