Posted by: Flannery | February 7, 2011

Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione and Montmartre

So when I last wrote, I was about to go the circus here in Paris. It was so cool, and surprisingly really different from the circus in America (which I just went to about 3 weeks ago with my family). At the Ringling Brothers circus, there were TONS of performers, and since it’s called a “3-ring circus” there were obviously 3 rings, all with something going on in them at all times. At the Cirque Bouglione though, there was one ring. At most there were 10 performers in the ring at a time, and that only happened like twice throughout the entire show. And even when there were more people in the ring, their routines made it very clear who the audience was supposed to watch at each time. It might sound like that would be boring, but it wasn’t! It was actually a lot more relaxing than the American circus, because it was still impressive but without being overwhelming. So it was very fun! I have TONS of pictures of it, but I’ll only put up a few.

Then Sunday, Brad and I went on a walking tour of Montmartre, which is the area of Paris where the actors/dancers/other artsy types tend to settle. It was very cool, but also extremely steep–it felt like every direction we walked, we were walking uphill! It was worth it though, because after seeing Picasso’s workshop and some little parks and famous houses, we eventually made it to the Sacré Coeur. That church is SO impressive, inside and out. Our tour guide told us that it’s made from a certain kind of stone that gets whiter with the rain (something about the stone being porous and taking in the water?) so that was cool. And then inside it was beautiful, both structurally and because of the service going on. There were so many singing nuns!!! It was awesome. So then after that we walked down to a little creperie for an early dinner, and then headed back to my apartment for a relaxing evening.

Now it’s Monday afternoon, and this morning I’ve just had some more orientation and now we’re watching a movie called L’Auberge Espagnole. After this, my roommates and Brad and I are making our first foray into Monoprix to actually buy groceries for our apartment–all we’ve really been snacking on at home is just spoonfuls of Nutella and slices of baguette. Which honestly, I could probably do for the rest of the semester! But we’re going to buy some real food, stock up on some pastas/meats for dinner and yogurts/cheeses/eggs for breakfast. And that’s pretty much all the news from over here for the last few days! Basically I’m keeping myself alive, not getting lost, and haven’t gotten mugged or anything, so I would consider the first week a success! I’ll start classes this Friday, which I’m sure will be interesting, and then this weekend Brad’s taking me to London to see Wicked!!!!! Yay 🙂 I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Until next time,


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  1. hey those pics are amazing!
    Btw i got my hair cut short and layers so it looks really different. i now have bangs. i hope you will be able to see it on skype. love libby.

  2. FLAN. First thing I saw when I saw the twins at the circus?

    The ladies with the guns from REPO. What a great opera.

  3. You’re a very funny person. I’m glad you haven’t gotten mugged! Love ~Maj


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