Posted by: Flannery | February 5, 2011

Move-in and school orientation

Hey everybody! So, Thursday we got to check out of our hotel and officially move into our housing. My roommates and I hands down have the BEST apartment of the entire program! The pics are in the slideshow down below.

That was pretty much the entire day of Thursday! For dinner Brad and I had chicken pasta and green beans, which was really delicious.  I’m so impressed with how delicious even France’s frozen foods are! I can already tell I’m going to have a hard time eating in the States. Anyway, at the end of Thursday evening I made my way back to my apartment on the metro. I was a little worried because I had a fair amount of stops to go (all the way from Porte d’Orleans to Gare de l’Est, for those of you who want to look at a Paris metro map) and it was 10:30 at night. But it turned out completely fine when I got to the metro and all the other people sitting around me were young single females too! So we all made it home safely, and I spent a lovely night with my three roommates in our new Parisian apartment 🙂

Then Friday morning we woke up around 9 and went to the Sorbonne for our placement test, which was a mess, it was so hard and we were all looking around at each other like “DID WE REALLY THINK WE KNEW FRENCH?” Haha but then there was an oral section where we sat down individually with a teacher and just talked for a while, and that went very well. So let’s all cross our fingers that I test into intermediate level!

After that, we rode the metro back to our program center and had about 20 minutes to grab some lunch before we headed in to have the academic portion of our orientation. Five or six of us walked around the corner to a crepe/panini vendor (who knew they had paninis in Paris? Not me. I also am not sure how to say “panini” with a French accent…I’ll get back to you on that lol!) Anyway so we got these amazing crepes for lunch. Mine had ham, egg, and cheese, and even though it wasn’t technically a sweet crepe, I felt like I was eating dessert!! The actual crepe part tasted almost like cake, it was heavenly. And it was also massive! If i had been near my apartment I only would have eaten half of it and then saved the rest, but as it was, I just went ahead and ate the entire thing haha.

So then it was time for our academic orientation, where we learned a little bit about the French school system and how we can expect our relationships with our professors to be–no office hours, for one thing! Then after that we went on a walking tour of the Sorbonne, to see where our classes would be. These pictures are of classroom buildings, La Place de la Sorbonne which is the main building, and then some random pictures that are some sights we saw on the way to class (like Notre Dame and the Shakespeare and Company bookstore)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that tour we had a guided tour of the Louvre, which was interesting because our guide gave us a lot of historical background on some of the paintings that otherwise would have had almost zero meaning to me. So that was great! After that was finished I hopped on the metro and met Brad at a restaurant called La Rouge Pomme, where we had some delicious crepes (it was a very crepe-y day haha). And we had a fun moment when the waiter (who was a youngish guy, maybe a few years older than us) switched to English and said “Um, where are you from?” And we said “The States, why?” and he said “Oh! Well my best friend is from England.” He thought we were from the UK!!! So we took that as a good sign, that people don’t automatically go “Well hello fat rude people, you are clearly from America” hahaha. So that was fun, and a very tasty dinner!

And now it’s Saturday afternoon here and I’m getting ready to go to the circus! A toute a l’heure!




  1. Wow! Great apt!! Be safe and have fun!!

  2. Hey Flannery! Now that I have read this you can ignore the e-mail I just sent requesting the apartment update! Loved your description of the testing experience! We were all laughing! K- skype soon. I want to see ur face! Love Maj~

  3. I just fell in love with your little antique stove!!!!!!!

    • thanks!! It’s so old that we’re only supposed to use it for counter space, but I still love it!

  4. Hi, Flannery:
    Just read your blog with pictures. Austine already in bed. Saw most of China with Brian-can now enjoy France with you and Brad.
    Our best to you two,
    Grandpa Bill.

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