Posted by: Brad | January 18, 2011

Bienvenue à Paris

Well after almost a year of preparing, planning and packing, I finally made it safely to Paris!!!! I am assuming that all the people who read this blog know me. Therefore, I am going to skip a lengthy introduction and just give you a brief run-through of who I am and my experiences in the two days that I have been here in the city. For those who may not know who I am… My name is Brad. I’m twenty. I go to Wake Forest. Oh, AND I DATE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE FLAN AND WE ARE GOING TO STUDY ABROAD TOGETHER IN PARIS!!!! Flannery and I decided to study abroad together so that we could go to school in the same city just like we did in high school and hopefully learn how to successfully live in another country with a rich culture. (although Flannery arrives in early February, so in the meantime you just have my bad writing skills and poor grammar to enjoy :-D) I left for Paris Sunday afternoon, and I arrived the following morning at Charles de Gaulle. It was a fairly easy flight from Nashville to Charlotte, but the connection from Charlotte and France was quite interesting. You would think a long flight from the US to Europe would attract people with common sense, but apparently that is entirely wrong. Apparently, commence sense regarding cigarette smoking on an airplane is an issue. Some older gentleman missed the memo that smoking on an airplane is not allowed. This man just hopped right in to the bathroom, in the back of cabin, and he lit one up. At the time nobody on the plane thought anything of a guy using the restroom, but when he opened the door a lovely cloud of Black Death filled the cabin. The look on everybody’s face along with the flight attendant’s shock made this entire study abroad experience worthwhile haha. The man just casually went and sat down before being reprimanded by the flight attendant and the captain who made a discreet announcement to the entire plane about how “the ban on smoking is for everybody’s safety.” So, that started the trip off with a good chuckle. Once the plane landed I tried to quickly clear customs and get my bags! No problem there! Once I made it through the baggage claim, I met a representative from my program as well as two people in the same program going to my same apartment building (which has turned out to be fantastic). Once we all got settled in our apartments we had a little orientation of the neighborhood, and we had dinner at this Italian restaurant down the road! Everything was quite good and the chocolate mousse dessert was awesome! After that I was so jet lagged that I went right to bed, and I luckily slept throughout the night. Today was just another orientation day, but I HAD MY FIRST FRENCH CROISSANT!!! It was so buttery, flaky, and delicious. I’m just planning on gaining 100043288493298 pounds because all the food is fantastic. Even the grocery’s frozen meals look good. My plan for tomorrow is to once again be orientated on “how to stay safe” and “being responsible,” but the orientation is in a different building from the one we were in today, which means getting to go on a different part of the metro. I love using the metro because it helps me get a grip on how to navigate the city, and each place we got off at has so many places to explore! I’ll post later on how that whole navigation/exploring process is really going.

Until then!




  1. Waiting for pictures…and a croissant/baguette in the post

  2. Yay Bradford!! Glad you got there safely…I’ve been thinking about you and enjoyed reading about your journey over…lol. Have fun…and I look forward to hearing more…..

  3. Brad:
    Just read the first of your blogs. A great adventure is just beginning…lucky you and Flan.

  4. Brad,
    I am so happy that you had a safe trip and that you were not fined for excessive baggage. I know you are going to have a wonderful time filled with memories that last a lifetime. Be sure to study some inbetween those great buttery croissants and delicious coffee. Already missing you and so is your beloved Aspen. She has been roaming the house for you. Take care and post again soon. 🙂

  5. I am so excited to enjoy your poor grammar for a month 🙂 Loved the bit about the weird smoking man on the plane. We do have some interesting travel experiences don’t we? And I don’t think Mike will be pleased if you gain that much weight. Post moreeeeeee please 🙂

  6. Tell us about Brian’s visit!
    Grandpa and Austine

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